The music streaming market is moving again.  Now also the german discounter Aldi starts a music streaming service in cooperation with Napster . The URL still shows a countdown but in a few hours the new site launches. Then the battle against Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer & Co. opens. 

Aldi starts usually with dumping prices. so do they here: The Music Streaming Service brings 34 mio. tracks for a monthly fee at € 7.99 to their customers. And – like their competitors offer – the first month comes for free. 

Users can enjoy and listen to all 34 mio tracks on PC, iOS and Android devices, which is standard. We can be curious if this will work with dumping prices. If Aldi and Napster try to save money by paying the musicians less. Then the Napster catalogue will perhaps getting smaller in future.

I am curious and I will test. 🙂

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