1. Product images for your online shop

The first impression counts. This is the same in ecommerce as in so many other cases. Since a customer of your online shop can not smell, taste or even touch your products the product image plays a very important role. The product image is the critical factor when a customer enters a product page.
And here are my 4 tips for outstanding product images:

  1. If possible get professional images, call a photographer.
  2. So always upload high quality photographs in high-resolution. Most shopping software has functions to scale your uploaded images to different sizes.
  3. Offer a zoom function. Your users are often interested to see details, so high-resolution images are required here.
  4. And also upload different views of your product (front, side, back etc.), details and eventually different colors or setups.

2. Product comparisons

People often want to compare different products they found on your online shop. Most shopping software offer a function to do that. But you have to find out in which way you present this to your customers.
Here are my 4 tips for product comparison in your shop:
  1. Add a link „Compare“ at a prominent place anywhere near the „Add to Basket“ button.
  2. Do not force your customers to login or create an account at this point. Many people don’t like this. You can alternatively offer to save the compare list for later use.
  3. Design the comparing view clear and without distractions. Your customer should be able to compare all attributes and prices of the selected products.
  4. Do not allow too much products in a single comparing view. How many? This depends on your products.

3. Product descriptions

You need very good product descriptions to stand out against your competitors. The product description is your voice. So be exact.
Here are my 4 hints for successful product descriptions:
  1. Resist from just copying from other sites. Besides copyright issues who will additionally face problems with ranking on search engines like Google. Google may rank you down due to duplicated content. SEO starts with unique texts.
  2. Write unique texts that are descriptive and emotional at the same time. Buying a product is often an emotional process. Most texts from product vendors are not the best choice. First problem is, that many shops are also using those texts. The second problem is that this texts are often not written to sell a product but to build brand awareness. Do not repeat at other products. Every product description shall be unique.
  3. Take a look at successful websites and see how they are describing their products. For example look at apple.com and see how they describe the iPad or the MacBook.
  4. If you can tell a story, then tell a story!

4. Share buttons

Advertising and SEO / SEM are not the only ways to acquire new customers. Do not undervalue the good old word of mouth. People are talking to each other and telling about new products they bought. Hopefully they tell also good things about your shop. Facebook, Twitter and Co. are the word-of-mouth technology in the digital age. So help your customers telling about your shop, your services and your products.
Here are my 4 tips for successful social share buttons:
  1. Use single share buttons for your selected networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit etc.). Using a sub menu for this buttons that opens after a click or mouse over on an share-icon is not a good solution.
  2. Do not add to many networks. Select just the four or five most useful for your shop and your customers. You can then add more networks to a sub menu which opens on mouse over on  a share or plus icon.
  3. Social share buttons shall be colored in the standard colors of the network and show the correct icons.
  4. Carefully add all necessary open graph meta tags to the page head so that Facebook, twitter and Co. can read the product name, the product image and all other data you want. Without OpenGraph tags, networks like Facebook may apply rules like “the first image, found on the site”, “the first paragraph” etc. This can be the logo image, or a teaser image to another article etc. That’s not optimal.

5. Customer reviews and rating

Customers are always interested in the product reviews and ratings of others. It is like asking others what their experiences with a special product are. If you do it right then your customers will love you.
Here are my 4 tips for review and rating functions that your customers will love:
  1. Place reviews so that they are found easily. Do not choose a too small font-size and make it good readable.
  2. For ratings use the common star scheme (1 to 5 stars). Users have seen them a thousand times before and know how to interpret them.
  3. Do not delete or hide negative reviews. If you delete a negative review, the effect will be much more negative than the review itself. People are talking about you. And can not control everything. Instead offer the customer your help. Find out what the problem is and offer a solution. This will have a positive effect.
  4. As and extra gift, google adds the product rating to its search results, when everything is set up correct. And this is really a gift. People who are searching for a product will more likely click on products with ratings.
I hope that this hints are useful for you. For more information, please contact me.