Driving a business using an online shop is not easy-going, as you may know. There are a couple of things to keep an eye on to make your customers happy. Besides checking your stocks, calculating prices or shipping rates, controlling stock and tracking-numbers, there are some things that are often not on the agenda.

One of those things:

Checking the shopping cart software for security risks!

I have no idea why it’s still not part of  every online retailer’s daily to-do list in this times. But vulnerability checks throughout the internet shows, that even bugs are not fixed, while you can easily patch with security updates  since months. This means:

  • Putting your shop at risk
  • Putting your e-commerce at risk
  • Putting your customers at risk and in the end of the day
  • Putting your complete business at risk

And it’s so easy to achieve a much more secure status!

Several websites are publishing new-found risks daily. Several Security specialists are offering newsletters with warnings on a day-by-day basis. Example: if you are running a Magento commerce driven online shop, you can get alerts and advisory from the project itself under http://magento.com/security Patches to fix problems are listed under http://magento.com/security-patch

All what you have to do is:

  • Read those messages.
  • Pick out,what fits for your software environment
  • Look out for fixes and patches
  • Install them
  • And enjoy the rest of the day.

Note that this was only one example out of thousands you can find on the internet.

BUT WAIT!!! Is it really that easy???

Hell no, I fear it’s not. Getting your e-commerce safe and secure is never easy. There are several steps to do. 

  • Checking if versions of e-commerce software and the corresponding security updates are matching.
  • Installing patches on a staging system
  • Testing, testing, testing …
  • Installing patches on production systems
  • Testing, testing, testing…

And monitoring your e-commerce applications , if the bug is really fixed.

You’ll probably  see, it’s not that easy as it looks like in the first place. It could hold you back from other to-dos in your daily business for several days a month.

And what’s the solution???

Well, most of my clients at tvidoo commerce are opting for one of our maintenance plans for blogs and online shops, where we offer to tell the business owners about potential risk and patch security vulnerabilities as soon as patches are available. Doing tests on the blog or online shop to check if everything is working is mandatory.


A security level of 100% for your e-commerce, online shop, blog or website is definitely not possible. But every step you do to gain more safety, is definitely better than a security level of 0%. So please think over and start keeping an eye on this relevant part of your business.

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